Established 1965, ADEC is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the competitiveness of Guatemala´s coffee exporters through training, promotion and advocacy.

  Offering 47 years of experiencie and excellence Exporting 85% of Guatemala's coffeeBenefiting Guatemalans through social programs since 1966
 This commitment to excellence extends to
our relationships. ADEC members develop long-term partnerships with both buyers and growers. Ensuring that the coffee you buy is
the coffee you get.
Our thirty-three members are responsible for exporting 85% of all coffee produced in Guatemala. Providing you with access to Guatemala’s best coffees and professional support during the exporting process.
Working as a group, ADEC also reaches out to those in need, organizing and funding several social projects in coffee-growing areas.
 Coffee Exporters Association  
Europlaza, Torre II, Nivel 16 oficina 16-01
5 avenida 5-55 zona 14
Guatemala, Guatemala, 01014

Tel.(502)-2366-3039, 2366-3040
Fax (502)-2366-3032

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